Decontamination Equipment Company Limited

Decontamination Equipment Company, based in London, provides decontamination soloutions and sterilizing equipment to; Pharmaceutical manufacturing companies, Research Establishments and Laboratories, Vetenary Surgeries, NHS and Private Hospitals, Dentists and other healthcare professions throughout the country.

Our range of cost effective reliable decontamination equipment has been brought together from a number of different equipment manufacturers into one showcase. To support the equipment in our showcase we have our nation wide service partners Health Service Associates with a team of manufacturer trained engineers covering the country.

DEC is an organisation dedicated to providing the dental and other medical and healthcare professions with the highest standards of support and guidance and to supply the best decontamination and sterilizing equipment in order to meet the standards specified in current and future guidance and legislation.

Our goal is to ensure that your practice meets the decontamination requirements of HTM 01-05 in a cost effective manner and to provide you with a partner with the knowledge and equipment to facilitate these goals.

Our range of equipment and services ensure full compliance to the decontamination requirements of dental instruments within your practice to the new National Guidelines.

Having researched the marketplace, all our equipment has been carefully selected for its accuracy to the required standards and for its proven reliability.

Our objective in association with our service partner, Health Service Associates, is to deliver to our clients the service which underpins and supports their business needs as efficiently and as reliably as possible.

Decontamination Equipment Company Ltd.
88 Wood Street, 10th-15th Floor, London, EC2V 7RS

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